Happy Father's Day

1to1Greetings.com/LDS has created LDS Greeting Cards, Postcards,
LDS Temple Handkerchiefs, Tee-shirts and Bookmarks.
Call us and we will create the Father's Day gifts your looking for.

Choose Traditional, Custom or Personalized Bookmarks! 
Bookmarks are available in two sizes and three classes. Sizes include: small (1-3/4� x 5-7/8�) and large (2-5/8� x 7-1/2�). Classes include: Traditional (no custom or personalized printing), Customized (printed with your ward/stake or group name), or Personalized (printed with the group name and individual name of each group member as supplied via a database list by you to us!). Any bookmark can be ordered in any class, please see the examples above.
Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3-4.
1. Choose a bookmark image from above.
Choose your scripture or poem
(Other suggested scriptures and poems).

Choose the class of bookmark you�d like to order.
Then, call us and we�ll take your order.

To Order, call: 801-533-9974
or 1-800-347-4482

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